Six Coffee Questions

You are too afraid to ask at a coffee shop.
Don't be afraid. Here are the tips for you. 


Question 1: 
a. Light Roast 
A light roast has the same amount of caffeine as a Dark Roast
Sweet, Floral Flavor
The country of origin is more prevalent in the flavor


b. Dark Roast
A Dark Roast is not necessarily "stronger", it's just different. It's like comparing an IPA to a Sout-the two are not compared just by their "strength," but in terms of richness, complexity, and how they're prepared
Has a bittersweet flavor

"The Beans are roasted for a longer period of time and at higher temperatures in a dark roast" 

Question 2: 
a. Arabica
Half as much caffeine as Robusta
70% of the world's coffee are Aribica
Sweeter and softer taste


b. Robusta
Twice as much Caffeine as Arabica
30% of the world's coffee are Robusta
Strongerhasher  taste

"Arabica and Robusta are two different species of coffee, and the coffee you drink falls into one of these two categories. Robusta coffee plants can grow at lower altitudes and produce fruit more quickly than. Robustas mostly come from Arica and Indonesia, While the more-expensive Arabica beans primarily come from Latin America"

Question 3:
a. Espresso
Made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely ground coffee
Higher concentration of caffeine

b. Drip
Made by pouring boiling water over medium-course grounds. This passes through a filter and winds up in a coffee pot. 
Lower concentration of caffeine than espresso, but you typically wind up drinking more of it, so you buzz really depends on your intake

"Espresso = fine grind, high pressure, has a crema.
  Drip = coarse grind, no pressure, no crema".


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